Veronica Rodriguez Gets Fucked And Facialed By Seth Gamble

Duration: 12:00 Views: 68 Submitted: 2 weeks ago
Veronica Rodriguez is cleaning Seth Gamble’s house and he decides to hide and film her while she cleans. He wants to see what she does when she thinks no one is watching. She finds his hidden camera and confronts him but he convinces her that it’s not that bad and that people do weird things all the time and everyone has a kink. He shows her some of the videos and one in particular made her horny. It was a maid cleaning while masturbating. Seth offers her some money to clean while she pleasures herself. She likes the idea and starts cleaning and masturbating. She gets even more into it when Seth joins in. They fuck in multiple positions all while she continues to clean. Seth gives her a huge load on her face.