18th Birthday Fuck Natalia Queen

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Natalia was super excited for her 18th birthday. She had been waiting a long time for this day and couldn't wait to go out and party with all her friends. Her mom had other plans though. Natalia wanted to go to the club and dance the night away, but her mom thought that was a bad idea. Instead, she wanted her to stay home and watch a movie. Natalia didn't want to hear two words her mom said. She threw a little tantrum and stormed off to her room. While she was sulking in her room, her stepdad came in and tried to talk some sense into her. She wasn't having it at first, but once he told her they could have some fun after the movie, she perked right up. They started making out and things got hot real fast. Stepdad whipped out his dick and soon after, Natalia was bouncing her stepdaddy's cock up and down her snatch.